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Caveat: This is a continuously evolving spec and will change as required.

DeadCL uses a handful of unique abbreviations and terms, as a result we've taken the time to explain them in greater detail below.

deadID Publicly accessible URL's to access CL resources
CL (Conversational Language) Ever used website creation services like Wordpress, Weebly or Wix. Well simply put that's what CL is.
RI (Real Intelligence) Think of it like this, your Conversation is the car, keyword's the steering wheel and RI the engine.
AK/Author Keys Tells DeadLetter who you are and how to handle your Conversations. They are provided by Publishers (or created by you) and must be included with your Conversation.
Author(s) Are trusted developers authorised by Publishers (or DeadLetter) to release Libraries/Conversations into public repositories.
KC/Key Command(s) Is a section within a Conversation/Library identified by a keyword. Stable well crafted Conversations, feature between five and twenty KC's
Trusted Domain(s) Domain(s) trusted to host Conversations.
Publisher(s) An organisation authorised to host & manage Conversations, libraries and issue Author Keys.
SOR Secondary Object Resources
Conversation health check Process of evaluating if a Conversation contains errors
Live-patching Process of 'patching' poor code when detected for the Author
Technical Advisor An individual certified to provide technical support by DeadLetter